The Road Ahead

Africa on the move

We live in interesting times and on an interesting continent. Africa has the right combination of factors to succeed in an increasingly volatile global economy.

The population is set to double in three decades, a youthful population with abundant land and mineral resources.

These factors position our continent as an economic growth story for the 21st century.

Unlocking Africa's potential will require consolidated efforts in building infrastructure as well as addressing the administrative barriers that can reduce the high logistical costs our businesses and our people face.

Leadership and relationships

Undoubtedly, leadership and relationships between business and government will drive long-term economic development. Balancing risks and rewards will be important if Africa is to attract investment and sustain commercial activity at higher levels. Governments have a role to play in formulating consistent policies and creating certainty in the business environment to expand the space for business to operate.

The questions that we ask our stakeholders and aim to tackle in our programmes are: How will Africa attract the investment it needs? In what way can individual countries move along the value chain to ensure their survival in a competitive global environment? What kind of arrangements can work for Africa to grow itself organically? These are the questions to which we need to find an inclusive collective approach.

Through the support of the Board and tireless efforts of our staff, we have deepened our relations with governments and businesses. Our approach, which is to be a trusted convener, is bearing fruit.

We are operating better, but are still a long way from reaching our anticipated targets. Our goal is to have a presence in more countries and design and secure funding for more commercially meaningful programmes in order to ensure that our stakeholders continue to work towards sustainable economic development.

A brighter future

Our vision is to expand our reach, deepen our networks and functional relationships across our key focus areas in Africa, design and implement more projects and, ultimately, support enterprise. This will promote social and economic development across the continent.

Stanley Subramoney, Chairman, Board of Directors

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