2017 Programme progress

Through the NBF’s mission of ‘Business for sustainable socio-economic development in Africa’, the organisation aims to achieve inclusive sustainable economic growth across the continent. This is done mainly through NBF programmes and interventions which in 2017, have continued to grow in their scope and focus. Here are some of our major highlights for the year.

Current NBF interventions include the North-South Rail Corridor, a recently launched Gas initiative, an accredited APMG International PPP training programme, Water projects in South Africa including a mine water initiative, a pan-African corporate governance platform and a regional business forum among others.

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Infrastructure: Africa Infrastructure Desk (Afri-ID) - North-South Rail Corridor & Gas Project

We remain committed to accelerating Africa’s infrastructure development as infrastructure remains the key and critical enabler for integration and increased intra-African trade. The Afri-ID’s flagship project is the North-South Corridor rail project which demonstrates the power of collaboration for regional integration. 

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Capacity Building: Africa Investment and Integration Desk (AVID) - Public-Private Partnership training

As a neutral facilitator for public-private dialogue, engagements and partnerships, we have found that Africa’s sustainable development can be catalysed by effective cooperation and collaboration between government and business. In this regard, we have focused our interventions on building the capacity of local government and businesses through a Public-Private Partnership training programme.

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 2017NL 2

Regional Integration: Southern Africa Business Forum (SABF)

The African market covers 1.2 billion people and has a total GDP of over USD$3.5 trillion. This large market has the potential to create jobs for a growing population and support more local trade in goods, services and assets. NBF’s current focus on regional integration in SADC is being implemented through the Southern Africa Business Forum (SABF) which, under a signed MoU between the SADC Secretariat and the NBF, is an official partner in the implementation of the SADC Industrialisation Strategy.

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 2017NL 3

Corporate Governance: African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN)

In the past decade, the world has witnessed a surge in corporate governance reform. Africa as one of the fastest growing destinations for international investment is realising that expedient transformation in business practices that are aligned to global ethics and transparency standards have the ability to increase investment opportunities for the region.

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 2017NL 1

Climate Change:  Strategic Water Partnership Network of South Africa (SWPN) & Mine Water Coordinating Body (MWCB)

This year, South Africa experienced severe drought and water restrictions in the Western Cape, demonstrating the importance of managing water resources not only in South Africa but in Africa as a whole. South Africa is a water scarce country and the SWPN is working in partnership with the SA Department of Water and Sanitation to close the 17% gap between water supply and demand by 2030. In South Africa, the NBF hosts the SWPN Secretariat which is a highly effective public private partnership platform that has been working to sustainably manage South Africa’s water resources to the benefit of all.

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