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African agriculture employs over 50% of the African population and at least 80% of the rural population. With food security and sustainable livelihoods still a priority in Africa, the AU developed the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture AGRIC 6Development Programme (CAADP) with the aim to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty through agriculture.

In support of CAADP, the NEPAD Business Foundation developed the Removing the Barriers in Agriculture (RtB) programme with the aim to advance the spread of sustainable and equitable commercial agriculture along Southern Africa’s development corridors. The intention was to measurably improve the performance, competitiveness and income of rural and smallholder farmers by integrating them into commercial partnerships that are part of a dynamic and internationally competitive food economy.

In order to foster the development of a concerted business voice into policy debates, the RtB programme established the Southern Africa Agriculture Development Partnership Platform (SAADPP) as an implementation vehicle for RtB activities within the SADC region.



To ensure food security for Africa by reducing poverty and hunger and achieve sustainable economic growth in Africa though private sector-led interventions.




 To leverage private sector skills and finance for development in agriculture to improve smallholder farmer income and integrating them into a dynamic, internationally competitive agriculture sector.



The RtB has implemented pilot projects and interventions in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi and is looking to scale-up in the sub-Sahara region. With most of the projects successfully completed, the NBF is seeking RTB AFRICA 2015opportunities to replicate its intervention throughout the Southern Africa region.


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