Climate Change and Natural Resources Management

SWPN 1Climate change and a deteriorating environment is a key challenge to sustainability, bio-diversity, food security and stability across Africa. Pollution, deteriorating soil quality, desertification and poor air quality are threatening the lives and futures of all of the continent’s people.SWPN 8

The Climate Change and Natural Resource Management programme within NEPAD works to bring together all relevant regional and continental players to coordinate, share knowledge and encourage one another in addressing the threat of climate change. Under this programme, the NEPAD Agency programme plays a co-ordinating and advocacy role to promote regional and national programmes aimed at counteracting these environmental threats.

The NBF’s Climate Change and Natural Resource Management thematic programme is the Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN) of South Africa. The SWPN is an active group of private sector companies, government and other stakeholders, committed to delivering water projects that reduce the water demand-supply gap.



To ensure sustainable, efficient and equitable supply and access to water in South Africa.



To develop partnerships between public sector, private sector and civil society, working to close a 17% gap between water supply and demand anticipated by 2030 in South Africa. 



The SWPN operates in response to a specific challenge in South Africa. Outlined in the SWPN’s mandate is the programme’s country focus which brings together businesses and government to tackle water challenges in the country.AFRICA 2015

 Though the SWPN is a country specific programme with projects limited to South Africa, its best practices are shared and adopted globally and in other African countries.


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