About SADC Business Council

The SADC Business Council (SADC BC) is a regional apex body for the SADC private sector. It represents national and regional apex business associations of the 16 SADC Member States. SADC BC is the prime public sector partner in forging SADC development and integration. The main role of the SADC BC is to involve the private sector (businesses and representatives) in:

  • SADC decision making processes to drive the implementation of SADC plans and priority programmes
  • Promoting knowledge and information sharing between SADC and private sector
  • Bringing in the private sector expertise, experience, viewpoints, and perspectives in SADC policy making processes

Value Proposition

The SADC BC provides a platform and opportunity to access and engage with SADC business leaders, governments, policymakers, and industry leaders, to influence the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of SADC plans and priority programmes and regional projects. The SADC BC contributes towards technical issues affecting regional integration through thematic technical and ministerial committees and advocate for sectoral and multi-sectoral business interests.

Working groups

The NBF is the interim secretariat of SADC BC, and assists in supporting the following working groups:

  • MSME working group
  • Non-tariff barriers (NTB) and Trade facilitation working group
  • Circular economy working group
  • Tax regulatory harmonisation working group
  • SADC – Africa Trade and Investment Marketplace
  • SADC Tourism Business Platform (TBP)