About Strategic Water Partners Network

The Strategic Water Partners Network (SWPN) is the only government and private sector co-led water partnership in South Africa, formally identified by the National Water Resources Strategy (2012) as the key platform to facilitate water management partnerships between the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), the private sector, civil society and other key stakeholders. SWPN is formally recognised in the National Water and Sanitation Masterplan (NWSMP).

The main objective of the SWPN is to close a 17% gap between water supply and demand that is anticipated to manifest by the year 2030 in South Africa. The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and Nestlé co-chair the partnership.

Value Proposition

SWPN is a neutral multi-stakeholder platform, that ensures sustainable water security and enables collective action in support of national imperatives and leverages stakeholder capacity to deliver locally rooted water projects.

Working groups

The SWPN is hosted by the NBF and it carries out participatory problem and opportunity analyses and develops and scales out projects to improve water security through the following working groups.

  • Effluent and Wastewater Management and Sanitation (EWWMS)
  • Water Stewardship (WS)
  • Water Use Efficiency and Leakage Reduction (WELR)
  • Agricultural Supply Chain (ASC)