Investing in the pharmaceutical sector ensures that people have access to essential medical products and provides an opportunity for the promotion of trade and socioeconomic development in Africa.

About SADC Pharmaceutical Working Group

The SADC Pharmaceutical Working Group was formed to address pharmaceutical operational inefficiencies and manufacturing challenges faced by private companies, pharmaceutical associations, healthcare companies and SADC officials who are working together to identify and resolve these challenges. The working group is aligned with the SADC Pharmaceutical Business Plan and the African Union’s African Medicines Regulatory Harmonisation Initiative (AMRH).

Value Proposition

The SADC Pharmaceutical Working Group is a collaborative platform that aims to increase pharmaceutical value chain investments by identifying investment barriers and solutions to recognized challenges.

Project objectives

The objectives of the working group include the following:

  • Reduce delays in the medicine’s registration process
  • Increase local participation in the value chain
  • Promote the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
  • Promote SADC as an attractive site for clinical development
  • Advocate for increased research and development expenditure levels