Making Strides in Cairo for Regional Collaboration: SADC Business Council at IATF

The SADC Business Council (SADC BC) proudly showcased its commitment to fostering intra-African economic growth by enthusiastically participating as an exhibitor at the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF). Peter Varndell, the Executive Secretary for SADC BC, represented the organisation as an ambassador at the prestigious biennial fair that took place in Cairo, Egypt.

On the ground, the SADC BC team engaged in dynamic discussions, forged valuable partnerships, and explored innovative opportunities for collaborations to boost intra-African trade. The bustling week-long trade fair welcomed a melting pot of industry leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs from across the continent, providing a robust platform for collaboration and growth.

Throughout the IATF, the SADC BC team was actively engaged by maintaining an exhibition stand, participating in networking, and attending exclusive VIP events for ambassadors. During his interactions, Peter Varndell emphasised the importance of collaboration in overcoming economic challenges and achieving sustainable development goals in the African region.

The overall sentiment during the event was positive, with exhibitors actively engaging in discussions and networking opportunities. Through its participation at the event, the SADC BC team aimed to form strategic relationships with new stakeholders for mutual economic benefit within and extending the SADC region. The event was also helmed as an opportunity to benefit from the learnings of the showcased innovations and projects that foster trade facilitation, investment promotion and more.

Peter Varndell stated, “Our participation underscores the Council’s dedication to advancing economic prosperity in the region. Through collaboration and innovation, we aim to build a robust and resilient economic ecosystem that benefits all our member states.”

The team looks forward to capitalising on the momentum gained at the Intra African Trade Fair to drive economic growth, foster partnerships, and create a more prosperous future for the Southern African region.

About SADC Business Council:

The Southern African Development Community Business Council is a regional private sector organisation committed to advancing economic integration and development in Southern Africa. The council works collaboratively with businesses, governments, and other stakeholders to create a conducive environment for trade, investment, and sustainable development.

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